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Title : NOÉ
Author : Vincent Niccoli
Nationality : French
Year : 2012
Location : Maldives
Biography : Team members: Gabriel Bourdet
Type : Coup de Coeur, City, Energy, Environment, Floating, Landscape, Utopia
Scale : L : Landscape
Size :
Capacity : -

This project is important because it brings forward solutions. In addition, this project aims to provide solutions of a natural order, equipment and technical.talking. Indeed, the natural point of view, "NOÉ" aims to bring together the different forms of diversification by creating its own biodiversity. In the etymological sense of the term, biodiversity refers to the diversity of life, that is to say all processes, lifestyles or functions that lead to an organism to maintain the state of life. This project will allow life on these islands with the increasement of plants and animal population. If the species living on islands usually have a number of territories lower than on continents, it often has a greater percentage of animals. It is in this sense that the "noé 2012 'project of paramount importance for it's independence towards the fossil energy and in the development of its own biodiversity.

Descriptive of Author : An alternative to the concerns of Maldives.