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Title : Fluid
Author : Antoine Damery
Nationality : Australian
Year : 2012
Location : Yeosu Korea
Biography : Antoine Damery is a multi-disciplinary designer, known for is sustainable and environmentally conscious designs.
Type : Art, Cultural, Design, Exhibition, Floating, Movable
Scale : S : Building
Size : -
Capacity : -

This submission for the thematic pavilion of the world expo 2012 in Yeosu, Korea is resolved as a vessel – a floating exhibition space that can be sailed to other cities. It represents an evolution in architecture; a futuristic adaptable living building that can adjust to the unknowable future, encouraging multidisciplinary problem solving through sustainable solutions. The overall concept presents a schematic design which is alive, adaptive and reactive to its oceanic environments. Sustainability and conservation are integral elements of the design of the structure, acting also as a metaphor of change for the emerging city of Yeosu. Fluid will be anchored to a harbor and can rise and fall with the tides, resting on the water, but not fully built into its environment. Extremely organic in form, Fluid even appears as an aquatic animal with its flowing lines and smooth facade. It can be sailed around to coastal Asian cities, showcasing various exhibitions or acting as a venue for events, celebrations or concerts, meaning that new pavilions will not have to be constructed at those locations.

Descriptive of Author : A thematic pavillion