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Title : Nomadic harbor
Author : Clémence Yon
Nationality :
Year : 2013
Location : Busan Bay, Gagne Delta, Venise
Biography : Team members: Clément Huynh - Maxime Algis
Type : Design, Energy, Floating, Infrastructure
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

this nomadic harbor establishes a relative stability and movable thanks to a long hull mesh that acts both as windbreaks and as a wave breaks. A sort of dike for high seas, a Great protection against storms. It hosts behind the harbor equipment, strictly speaking, two large trays helix pivoting around an axis. These trays can be placed swivel at different heights above, but also at the level below the sea level: in this way they allow a wide complexity of dealing with the surface and the depths. Finally, exploiting the difficulty of access to the integrated system of ratings gateway canoes boats combining the characteristics of the catamaran barge and they are responsible for the connection between the port and the coast and allow to establish a connection with either the unilateral earth, as in the case of conventional port, but a target report which multiplies unloading points.

Descriptive of Author : A adaptable harbor