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Title : Sealife-ISLAND
Author : Gaëlle Filippi
Nationality : French
Year : 2013
Location : Near the coasts
Biography : A young architect gaduated from the Architecture School of Strasbourg
Type : City, Design, Environment, Floating, Public
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : Variable
Capacity : Variable

Sealife-ISLAND project, is not a futuristic or revolitionary invention. It consists of simple cubic forms connected to large floating tray. However, he questions and draws attention to a new lifestyle. These virtual islands therefore propose to live in relationship with the seas or oceans. Located close to the banks, they will allow to live in the sea where the man is not the master and where he will adapt to it, while protecting and respecting it. The project Sealife-ISLAND offers the opportunity to known the inhabitants, the secrets and weaknesses of this underwater life and thus to be able to preserve it.

Descriptive of Author : Coral reefs Protector