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Title : Eco drone
Author : Ollivier Roland
Nationality : French
Year : 2013
Location : Ocean
Biography : An artchitect currently working in a architecture and design workshop
Type : Energy, Environment, Floating, Green, Movable, Reconversion, Recycling , Ship
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

Eco drone is an international program which aims to study existing and future pollution. To locate, neutralize, to analyze, reprocess and if possible to transform it into energy. The project is divided into three groups: The station, shuttles and drones. The station is a platform for sailing research and treatment of pollutants. Its ability to move allows it to be closer to the zones of pollution. The shuttles are flying units with a high velocity to reach polluted sites in the shortest time possible. A part of the shuttle is dedicated to the crew (engineers and researchers). Another part is dedicated to the 'space drone and space waste pretreatment. Operation drone beacons monitoring of Eco are placed in high-risk sites across the seas and oceans. As soon as the warning issues, shuttles will proceed to the place, followed by the stations. Arrived on site, the teams will go into action assisted by drones that will directly address the pollution. After analyzing and packaging in shuttles, these pollutants will be restated in the stations.

Descriptive of Author : The ocean washer