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Title : Habitats in Caves
Author : Aida Rafizadeh
Nationality : Iranian
Year : 2021
Location :
Biography : With Neda Rafizadeh, Seyed Mohammad Ali Tohidi
Type : Nominee , Space
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size :
Capacity :

Due to the context alteration, our project seeks an architecture based on Earth’s origin recreation in space. As a result, it is inspired by nature and human life. The human’s new life in space is inspired by her fetus. We protect our architecture with two-layered mycelium walls from the harsh environment of Mars. The colonies are inspired by jasmine (symbol of new life). Our project is a human-scale architecture because it will be his single companion in the glorious galaxy. We did not design a superhuman dimensions architecture, because it will cause fear. Human’s life story will continue..

Descriptive of Author : An architecture based on Earth’s origin, inspired by the fetus and developed based on the idea of jasmine (symbol of new life).