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SEA LEVEL RISE Sea level rise
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Title : Habita(T)ide
Author :
Nationality :
Year : 2021
Location :
Biography :
Type : Sea Level Rise Laureat, Sea Level Rise
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size :
Capacity :

Struggling to fit into the mosaic of the city’s contemporary urban culture is the fisherman's community in Lagos, Makoko. The community is in deep turmoil due to scarcity of land resources because of increasing water levels. Such communities would find it difficult to afford and adapt to modern technologically advanced floating cities in the future and there is a need to formulate strategies to create a safe and sustainable environment for them. The attempt is to create a design solution to cater to these problems and revive the community’s essence by changing the idea of living with the edge.

Descriptive of Author : The abode that adapts to the rhythm of t