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Title : The Lunar Reactor
Author : Mohamed Emad
Nationality : Egyptian
Year : 2020
Location :
Biography : Mohamed Emad is an Egyptian Architect with B.SC. In Architecture from Alexandria University. He is an AIA International Associate, LEED Green Associate, EES Associate, SCE Associate, and Autodesk Certified Professional. Currently working as Stations’ Lead Architect – Design Manager of Dubai Metro Route 2020 (Acciona-Gülermak JV). Experienced in the fields of Architecture and Construction in a multinational environment, with various kinds of (Design & Build) Megaprojects in the MENA Region.
Type : Nominee , Space
Scale : L : Landscape
Size :
Capacity :

The moon is a rich resource of Helium-3, which its soil has been absorbing for a billion years. The energy produced by the He-3 is 250 times greater than that needed to extract it from the Moon. A sustainable Clean Energy Source is inevitable to allow mankind to test different habitats and help to shape a self-sustaining outpost away from the blue marble. The Lunar Fusion Reactor is the answer! It can be set in support of NASA's “Moon to Mars” program as a solid starting point to serve the human hunger for space expedition, before committing to the years-long journey to Mars and deep space.

Descriptive of Author : Stepping further into the desirable unknown is a solid answer to why we are inevitably going back to the moon.