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Title : Autopia Ampere
Author : Wolf Hilbertz
Nationality : German
Year : 1981
Location : Sea
Biography : An architect, researcher and teacher, sometimes referred to a "futuristic" architect
Type : City, Sustainabilty, Technology, Underwater, Utopia
Scale : XL : Urban
Size : n/a
Capacity : n/a

This ocean ecopolis concept plans to use the process of electrodeposition to create a city that would essentially build itself. Autopia Ampere would begin as a series of wire mesh armatures anchored to a sea mountain connected to a supply of low-voltage direct current produced by solar panels. The electrochemical reactions would draw up sea minerals over time, creating walls of calcium carbonate on the armatures. Hilbertz has proven that the theory is applicable in practice by growing a coating of limestone on wooden piles wrapped in chicken wire on the coasts of Texas, Louisiana and California. As a step toward his ultimate ocean-grown city, Hilbertz has planned to grow a self-sustaining island city on Seamount Ampere, which is situated about halfway between the Madeira Islands and the tip of Portugal. If constructed, it will extend 50 ft. down to the bottom of the Atlantic in that spot. Besides shallow water, the site offers good fishing, a dependable ocean current, and polymetallic nodules on the ocean floor that contain copper, cobalt, manganese, nickel and iron.

Descriptive of Author : Self Constructed Ciity