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Title : Bipaga Bubbles
Author : Florian Mouafo Zambou
Nationality : Cameroonian
Year : 2020
Location :
Biography : Young architect
Type : Nominee , Sea Level Rise
Scale : L : Landscape
Size :
Capacity :

The proposai is a mixed-use complex of eco-friendly residential, hotel, offices, market, shops, factories, and farms completely made of local bamboo and thatch. Powered by wind turbines and waterwheels, foundations are made of sandbags. The project is an attempt to revive and develop local craft so as to prevent its total disappearance to the benefit of manufacturing building materials and conventional construction technologies. Concerning mobility and access, the site is accessible by sea or land; but to reinforce the ecological aspect, only pedestrian traffic is allowed within the compound.

Descriptive of Author : Bipaga Bubbles is a sustainable approach to reclaiming the coastline through the use of local building materials and ancestral craft.