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Title : Floating Reef
Author : Olivier Bocquet
Nationality :
Year : 2020
Location :
Biography : Olivier is an architect amazed by space and nature. Since 2013, he has directed the Tangram Lab of the Rougerie+Tangram agency.
Type : Nominee , sea
Scale : M : Groups of buildings
Size :
Capacity :

Do you know how to promote biodiversity and marine ecosystems ? Contribute to a better knowledge of the seas ? Put an end to multiple pollution ? Floating Reef, printed in 3D with a biogenic material that recycles plastic, is an ecological mooring that preserves the seabed and regenerates biodiversity. Floating Reef, of biomimetic design, promotes knowledge and its sharing. Floating Reef, allowing an autonomous human life within it, offers wave energy and gray and black water treatment to small boaters as well as supertankers at anchor.

Descriptive of Author : An eco-friendly subsurface buoy by Olivier Bocquet, Théo Jarrand, François Desruelles, Christian Tamburini et Laurie Casalot