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Author : Ekaterina SHARYGINA
Nationality : Russian
Year : 2020
Location : Moon
Biography : I studied in Yaroslavl Technical University where I got bachelor degree, aIso I did my master thesis on architecture recently. During last year in the university I explored issue of space architecture on the Moon. This path of studying did lead me to this contest project. I used all the skills that i have: 3D modeling, parametric and interior design, research work. As a potential space colonist Itried to imagine comfortable space to live.
Type : Coup de Coeur, Life in space, Space
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size :
Capacity :

The goal of the project was to solve the issue of community co-living in confined space basing on technological features and possibilities of space base construction. I chose a point near the Shackleton crater as a location of the Lunar Village. A scenario of Lunar Village's colonization consists of four stages S, M,L, XL. At the last stage the colony is almost autonomous settlement for 1000 and more people,that consists of industrial zone, living zone, spaceport and touristic zone. The settlement is a cluster of spherical metal dornes, coated with a layer of lunar sail as a protection.

Descriptive of Author : Lunar Village is a small town, providing all facilities for spacemen's everyday life and work.