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Author : Baptiste BOSSER
Nationality : French
Year : 2020
Location : French Atlantic Coast
Biography : BIM referent at the Architecture Department of the Hospices Civils de Lyon (2nd CHU in France) in 2020. From technical training, I integrated in resumption of study the professional training of ENSA Lyon. I am in the 4th year of this one. In the context of the hospital project, the architect is the one who makes the link between the "machine building", comfort of life and use as well as functionality. The particular health context leads us to rethink the autonomy of the hospital facilities.
Type : FOCUS
Scale : M : Groups of buildings
Size :
Capacity :

Located off the French Atlantic coast, this complex offers an alternative treatment for the treatment of certain pathologies such as rapid depressurization, the treatment of wounds or repiratory diseases. The natural pressure of the water ensures the pressurazation of the patient reception units.

Descriptive of Author : The Ocean for Care