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Title : Arpenteur
Author : Nicolas Houel
Nationality : French
Year : 2013
Location : Ocean
Biography : A young architect graduated from ENSA Nantes
Type : Design, Environment, Movable, Ship, Underwater
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

Surveyor wants to be a bio-mimetic tool, drawing outline in silhouette bristling with sea urchins. Its simple composition seeks efficiency; a single pilot cockpit is housed inside a second shell, herself dressed in thousands of podies. Protected by an aluminum sphere to adapt to the pressure of great depths, the cockpit is then connected to podies, in the heart of which lie technical and technological characteristics of the Surveyor: divided into groups of 36 stems, podies include different tools, such as cameras navigation, connected to a widescreen inside the cockpit, tools sediment sampling and analysis of water, or a Waterjet Propulsion System allowing it to move in all directions. But beyond this range of observation tools, the Surveyor conceals a second characteristic, the role of which could be crucial for navigators and explorers of the ocean; through its telescopic podies, Surveyor, flowing even seabed, models and instantly maps the areas where it flows through a GPS coordination established between the position of each of the tips of its podies and its position's geographic data. It offers through this the possibility of obtaining detailed, but also and especially a three-dimensional visualization of seabed maps, thereby becoming a full tool for surveying. The pressure on the retractable rods fuels at the same time the electrical system of the Surveyor, allowing it to also have a system of healthy energy production with a capacity of almost unlimited movement.

Descriptive of Author : Explorator of the Ocean and the seabed