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Title : Astral Window
Author : Yahia Barkaoui
Nationality : Tunisian
Year : 2018
Location : Cascais, Portugal
Biography :
Type : Special Mention, Akuo Sunstyle , Energy, Solar Innovation, Sustainabilty, Technology
Scale : S : Building
Size : 7000
Capacity : 500

Astral window, an environmental and social mesh. This system exploits all natural elements to enhance its power of absorption of solar energy. The play of shadows and light also affects the social and psychological side of people. It represents an intelligent architectural system where the building has become a living being. During the day, an electric sensor tracks the position of the sun. The solar system is therefore placed in an ideal angle to capture the photons. During the night, photoelectrical tiles are blocked to form an wind turbine capable of producing and storing electrical energy.

Descriptive of Author : Living architecture