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Title : Icemill
Author : Katarzyna PRZYBYLA
Nationality : Polish
Year : 2018
Location : Atlantic Ocean
Biography :
Type : Special Mention, atmosphere, Energy, Environment, Movable, sea, Sustainabilty, Technology
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : 9770
Capacity : 180

Global warming and its consequences impact not only on climate, but especially the political and social situation all around the globe. It can already be noticed in the form of water conflicts, wars or climate immigration. Icemill is a proposal for a net of research centers that can also cool the Ocean and produce potable water to reverse climate changes. Structures separate salt water from fresh one with freezing, which decreases environment temperature, stops existing glaciers to melt and preserves more local fauna and flora.

Descriptive of Author : Pur water for global sustainability