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Title : The Oasis
Author : Samer El Sayary
Nationality : Egyptian
Year : 2018
Location : Philolaus Crater Lava Tube Cave, Moon
Biography : Samer El Sayary lives in Lebanon
Type : Focus, Space
Scale : XL : Urban
Size : 5000
Capacity : 60

Creating a self sustaining and a self sufficient Environment. An oasis is an isolated area in a desert, typically surrouding a water source, such as a pond or small lake. Oasis also provide habitat for animals and even humans. The Lunar Oasis are made fertile when sources of freshwaster, from frozen aquifers, irrigating the surface after melting and purifying it in the reactor in the core. The Circular geometry of the introversial Oasis is intended to keep it as a safe and clean environment for the residents, where no dust could enter inside the colony due to the lack of the atmosphere. All surface access units are equipped with dust collection, removal and disposal devices. Also the Inner arena is well lit by inflatables trees for supporting the psychological aspect of the space residents, as the view of trees is proven to enhance the mood.

Descriptive of Author : We provide Food and Shelter in a palce where there is No Life