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Title : Seme-Biose
Author : Franklin Hermann SOKNING YEMELI
Nationality : Cameroonian
Year : 2018
Location : Senegal
Biography : Team : Mesmer Ndienang Dapabko
Type : Community, Ecosystem, Environment, Floating, Focus, Food, Green, Infrastructure, Landscape, Moving Building, Port, Public, Recycling , sea, Sea Level Rise, Ship, Sustainabilty
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : 39999995
Capacity : 500000

Senegal is a country in West Africa located on the Atlantic coast. It owes its name to the river that borders it to the East and to the North. The relationship to water is therefore crucial for its identity and development. However, its coastline consists of 90% of low and sandy coasts. Today, climate change combined with the demographic explosion and a disproportionate urban extension cause many problems (erosion, flood, poverty...). The situation of the populations is important to us and even more for the youth generation which has become an emergency to the point that crossing the Mediterranean by pirogue becomes an option. Faced with this situation, SEME-BIOSE proposes a protection approach that integrates coastal development. The approach is based on observing nature and listening to man. It is structured around 5 strata. The demolition of ruins located at a distance improper to the seafront reduces the pressure on the beach. Eco-habitats in local materials make it possible to relocate displaced populations inland. The use of windbreaks allows to reconstruct the natural dune cord. The creation of artificial reefs and the restoration of the mangrove develop biodiversity, attenuate the waves and optimize the sedimentary deposit. The creation of artificial islands makes it possible to master the swells while developing sustainable activities. An offshore extension, through an architecture that is floating and respectful of the environment welcomes profitable activities. In the short term, the project sows in the heart of man values ??that will make him a responsible and virtuous citizen. Life with the sea ??ceases to be a fight and becomes a symbiosis! The project is summarized to: SEME to designate awareness, act in anticipation of the future and BIOSE for Biodiversity, Integrity, Order, Health, Emergence are the best qualitatives of the project; hence the title "SEME-BIOSE.

Descriptive of Author : Beyond Resilience: Blue and Green for Sustainable Local Development of the Senegalese Coastline