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Title : Power Lungs
Author : Martin Gaardboe
Nationality : Australian
Year : 2017
Location :
Biography : Team members : Alina Minassian
Type : Ecosystem, Energy, Focus, Futuristic, Green, Infrastructure, Nominee , Port, sea, Shortlisted, Sustainabilty, Technology
Scale : S : Building
Size :
Capacity :

Since the first oil refinery and the development of the internal combustion engine in vehicles, society has become dependent on oil. But we now know the damage that this fossil fuel is a causing to our planet. In 2016 the world came together in Paris to reach a monumental achievement: the Paris climate accord. Yet carbon emissions continue to rise, and are anticipated to rise again by 2% in 2017 to 37 billion tons. More action is needed! Fortunately, private commercial entities have heeded the call for action- automobile companies are fighting to gain the lead in the fast-growing market for autonomous electric vehicles, and Tesla are leading the way in ‘green’ electric power. This trend is spreading to other forms of transport too- the first fully autonomous electric ship will be launched in Norway in 2018, with the potential to revolutionise the shipping industry. But battery power has its limitations. Trip durations are limited by battery charge. ‘Power Lungs’ will make global electric shipping viable by repurposing the more than 60,000 ocean drilling rigs that are to become obsolete, to create ocean battery recharge stations. These will be positioned around the world, and utilise renewable power generation to enable global shipping on battery power. But this also presents an opportunity to reverse the damage already caused by humanity. ‘Power Lungs’ has three main goals: 1. Enable global electric shipping. 2. Convert existing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to oxygen. 3. Ensure environmental and commercial sustainability of ‘Power Lungs’ through the production of food, biofuel and medicine By utilising local ocean resources Power Lungs will reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and generate oxygen through the photosynthesis of algae. Power Lungs will also guarantee commercial sustainability through the production of products using locally available, ocean resources.

Descriptive of Author : 60,000 PORTS: OXYGEN, POWER, PRODUCE