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Title : White swan complex
Author : Mohsen Laei
Nationality : Iranian
Year : 2015
Location : Sea
Biography :
Type : Moving Building
Scale : S : Building
Size : -
Capacity : -

Inspired by nature Living environment, research scientists, tourists and on the ocean. Research and tourist residential complex, with mobility on deeper waters of 70 meters. The complex lines and forms borrowed from nature formed. It can also be transformed into deep waters. Has three parts: Water includes navigation. Building. Movie Theaters theater and auditorium On the surface and under water with the management of residential and recreation And quite is a research stay under water recreation Each set has green space White Swan Complex is designed on the basis of sustainable architecture. The outer surfaces of nano-materials and absorbing solar energy. Catchers on the body. In order to use natural draft wind blades embedded inside them in order to transform this energy into electrical energy have been installed. The whole system is just smart.

Descriptive of Author : Eco-friendly sustainable