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Title : Carbonic island
Author : Adam Fernandez
Nationality : French
Year : 2015
Location : Sea
Biography :
Type : Coup de Coeur, atmosphere, Design, Ecosystem, Energy, Environment, Floating, Green, Infrastructure, Landscape, Movable, Reconversion, Recycling , Scientific Research, Sea Level Rise, Sustainabilty, Technology
Scale : XXS : Object
Size : One kilometer in diameter
Capacity :

Carbonic Island is a water treatment plant in the shape of a floating island. More than one kilometer in diameter, it aims to capture excess of CO² contained in the oceans in order to lower their acidity without discharging it into the atmosphere. Using renewable energy, this carbon dioxide is processed as a liquid cooling component going through a network of pipes in order to recreate new ice packs and then injected into the five greenhouses, to be subsequently converted into oxygen through photosynthesis. The idea is to give CO² a new life cycle through this purification process that will control rising temperatures and melting ice caps, rising sea levels, deforestation and all life that depends on it.

Descriptive of Author : A solution against ocean acidification