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Title : Waterline
Author : Claire Lacaze
Nationality : French
Year : 2015
Location : Bassin d'Arcachon
Biography : Young French Student
Type : Coup de Coeur
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : Non specified
Capacity : 300kw / h

Creating diked areas allowed to meet several objectives: clean wetlands, increase agricultural production, extend space, better defend against the sea. Today, global warming and its impact on rising sea levels are challenging these spaces reclaimed from the sea. The Waterline project proposes to use diked areas of the Teich Ornithological Reserve, as support of an ephemeral architecture. The program aims to implement educational and scientific areas in the service of biodiversity. Through research laboratories and observatories, this discovery center will continue the species conservation process in the event of changes in the natural environment. Waterline writes a new line in the landscape. By setting up the first dyke built, the pontoon creates a new coastline.

Descriptive of Author : Using of dike protected areas