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Title : The floating giants
Author : Galo Canizares
Nationality : American
Year : 2014
Location : Ocean
Biography : Team member : Kyle Lane Altman
Type : Energy, Environment, Floating, Infrastructure, Landscape
Scale : XXL : Large installation
Size : -
Capacity : -

Floating Giants is a term that encompasses three types of floating inhabitable modules that all share a common structure--a spar column containing data servers. The first is a fish hatchery which provides full amenities for cod farming from spawning to harvesting. The hatchery utilizes a customized heat transfer system that takes excess heat from the data servers below and warms up the water for the spawning tanks above. The second is a research station with laboratories and equipment for monitoring ecological life in the north atlantic and the arctic oceans (including monitoring the state of the fish being farmed). The third module is a power station which employs an arsenal of Pelamis Wave Harvesters that transform kinetic wave energy into electricity. The electricity is then fed to the research station and fish hatcheries. Thus, all three modules are not only programmatically symbiotic, but also energy co-dependent.

Descriptive of Author : Three New Maritime Typologies