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Title : Bamb'loon
Author : Yannick Lelogeais
Nationality : French
Year : 2011
Location : Coasts
Biography : A young Architect who won the Paul Maymont award oh the 2011 Jacques Rougerie Competition
Type : Coup de Coeur, Environment, House, Movable
Scale : S : Building
Size : -
Capacity : -

Bamb'Loon provides a protection against natural disasters. The idea is to create a bamboo house and woven fibers, self-powered, which is constituted by a "releasable" part, cell survival can fly through a balloon. This project involves the creation of a floating house adapted to the traditions and lifestyle of the south - east Asia. This house would allow people to live by the sea, or on wetlands in the deltas, and be self-sufficient in energy, thus providing more comfort and safety for these people. This house is composed of two independent parts: - the base; floor + a low circular house - survival zone: a balloon + a central house

Descriptive of Author : A traditional floating house