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Title : Green solar airship
Author : Jean Marc Schivo
Nationality : French
Year : 2016
Location : -
Biography : Coworkers : Gerard Feldzer; Lucilla Revelli
Type : Special Mention, Floating, Futuristic, Green, Infrastructure, Restaurant, Scientific Research
Scale : XXS : Object
Size : 7000m²
Capacity : 45 to 120 passengers

Flying in silence with no long term greenhouse effect, or else coming to a standstill in midair: when nature’s beauty reveals itself from above. Three applications for the Green Solar Airship: Tourism: 45 passengers for long distance flights, up to 120 for short hauls; Passenger and freight transport (heavy loads, up to 37 tons to bring to or take away from difficult spots); Scientific research, monitoring, assistance, security and environment surveillance. Aerodynamics: derived from a Manta ray, its shape has an aerodynamic efficiency of 10 enabling unequal speed for an airship. Besides, its speed creates an extra lift in adjusting the angle of attack. This way the payload can be increased by 50%. Features: Rigid structure in composite materials. Length: 165 m. Span: 45 m. Photovoltaic surface: 7.000 m2. Payload (passenger, freight): 35 tons. Electrical Motor - Hybrid energy: Continual solar power output: 1.400 kw; Hydrogen fuel cells: Continual output: 1.000 kw to feed 8 electrical swiveling motors. Power available for takeoff, landing or emergency maneuvers: 4.000 kw. Performances: Cruise speed with solar energy: 80 kph, maximum speed with fuel cells and batteries contribution: 210 kph. Cruise altitude: between 500 m and 2.500 m (non pressurized). Endurance: Solar energy, Stored energy (Li-Ion battery) and hydrogen reservoirs: 100 hrs. Solar energy alone: almost unlimited. Cabins interiors: 1 st level: Helium tanks (75.000 m3), air cuffs (with blowing valves) to compensate temperature changes. 2 nd level: Technical support: batteries, hydrogen reservoirs and other materials. 3 rd level: Usable surface for passengers: 1.000 m2.4 th level: Crew quarters of 400m2 including electronic equipment and flying systems.

Descriptive of Author : A possible future